The Children's Museum of Oswego

An initial installment of $100,000 and the remaining $150,000 payable over three years toward their Build, Play, Grow fundraising campaign for the design, fabrication and installation of exhibits in their new location.


The Children’s Museum of Oswego (CMOO) has transitioned from a mobile, program-based children’s museum to a permanent location in downtown Oswego. CMOO has embarked on its Build, Play, Grow Campaign to renovate and create new exhibits at its new location in the Buckhout-Jones building at 7 West Bridge Street, Oswego. This location gives families, educators, and caregivers of Central New York a year-round space for fun and educational play. The Richard S. Shineman Foundation has pledged $250,000 toward this campaign.

The permanent museum space will offer highly engaging and educational exhibits in 7,000 square feet of space. It is an interactive, accessible, and intellectual cornerstone that embraces the culture and values of our community. Through expanded exhibits and programs, the museum will celebrate our natural resources, rich history, and diverse landscape, lending to increased pride and revitalization of our neighborhoods. The Build, Play, Grow Campaign will support the design, fabrication and installation of exhibits, renovation of the property to improve safety and appeal, and initial operating costs. Exhibit fabrication is planned to begin in 2017 and installation and completion are planned for summer 2018.

The museum will house multi-sensory exhibits that promote physical and intellectual development. Exhibits will encourage a child’s natural desire to play, explore, and create. Leading research on child development shows early childhood learning experiences play a critical role in building the foundation for future learning. Many of the skills that children need to develop into successful, productive adults include literacy, mathematical reasoning, creativity, self-control and social skills that originate from play.

CMOO will complement learning in the classroom by providing children with access to quality technical-based experiences, designed to provide a strong foundation in STEM subject areas (science, technology, engineering and math) and foster vital learning and life skills. These skills are vital to the creation of lifelong learners and promoting positive futures for our children. The majority of exhibits and daytime programs will be designed for children ages 2-10. After-school and weekend enrichment programs such as chemistry, robotics, physics and art classes will be offered for older age groups. Elementary schools, preschools and day cares will be able to visit the museum for field trips.

The museum is currently open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with additional days for field trips and special programs and events. For more information, visit: www.cmoo.org