Fulton Block Builders

Fulton Block Builders: Awarded a matching grant up to $150,000 payable in the spring of 2020 following completion of fundraising for its very successful Healthy Neighborhood revitalization program.


Early in the spring of 2020, it looked as if the entire Fulton Blocks Builders program would not happen or be scaled down in such a way that there would be little to no positive impact for the city. In March, Fulton Block Builders suspended proactive fundraising when businesses and  individuals were hit hard by the pandemic on multiple fronts. FBB did not want to complicate or negatively add to that in any way. Yet the donations continued to come in.

FBB once again broke records and goals with another amazing year! FBB brought in almost $200,000, which was distributed to 204 property owners in 21 distinct blocks as part of the 2020 awards.

The Shineman Foundation awarded Fulton Block Builders a matching $150,000 grant for the 2021 Block Challenge Program. As a result, FBB was able to make awards to 29 blocks for 2021. The Shineman Foundation's board members are very encouraged by the increasing and unprecedented collaborations they see happening among groups like the Fulton Block Builders in our community.

FBB is collaborating with the city of Fulton on an AARP Community Challenge grant. If awarded, FBB and Fulton plan to install an ADA-compliant bathroom at Bullhead Point Park. Fulton's first Porch fest will take place on July 11th, and the second annual Chalk the Walk/Strava Street Art event will take place later this summer.


Fulton residents invested $3.50 for every $1.00 FBB awarded in Block Challenge Grants. Residents have invested $2 million in their properties over the past five years, and families are once again choosing Fulton as a place to live, work, and play.