Fulton Wrestling Club

Received funds for its brand new facility being built in Fulton.


This year, thanks in large part to the Shineman Foundation, the Fulton Wrestling Club will realize a 45 year old dream. Faced with the problem of suitable and available practice space since it was founded in 1974, Fulton’s Wrestling’s club programs have been limited in size and scope. Over the years, interest in Fulton Wrestling’s programs grew while the problem of available, adequate space worsened. Last year, the Club decided to finally address the problem by building a facility of its own.


The greater Fulton community rallied behind the project to make a permanent home for Fulton’s most successful youth sport. Grassroots fundraising, corporate donations, and lots of “sweat equity” from volunteers got the project off the ground but it was the Shineman Foundation that made it all possible. The foundation’s $75,000 award to help fund the project was, by far, the largest financial contribution and it put the Fulton Wrestling Club within striking distance of meeting their fundraising goal. But it was more than that because, with the award came a message that the project was worthwhile and worthy of support. Shineman’s endorsement generated additional contributions to help fund the new building.