Shineman Foundation Awards Fulton Block Builders a Matching $125,000 Grant

Fulton Block Builders: Awarded a matching grant up to $125,000 payable in May 2022 following the completion of fundraising for its very successful Healthy Neighborhoods revitalization program.


The Richard S. Shineman Foundation’s vision is to act as a “catalyst for change” to enhance the quality of life in Oswego County. Executive Director, Karen Goetz shared that the foundation’s board members are very encouraged by the increasing and unprecedented collaborations they see happening among groups like the Fulton Block Builders (FBB), in our community. “Fulton Block Builders has continued to exceed expectations for its very successful Healthy Neighborhoods revitalization program and our foundation is proud to continue its support of FBB by awarding another $125,000 for its 2022 Block Challenge program. This brings the Shineman investment in FBB to $741,000 since FBBs beginning in 2017” she said.

The $125,000 award is a matching grant paid following a successful FBB fundraising campaign. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, civic groups, and individuals, FBB raised nearly $75,000. “From the moment we started the Fulton Block Builder program, I have been amazed at the support and care there is for the Fulton community. Pride is here. We just needed a way to put a voice to those feelings. Raising $75,000 in our small community is a testament to that pride,” said Eagan, FBB Director.

“The 2022 applications have been submitted and I am thrilled to announce 200 homes in 23 Blocks have been awarded $195,000 in FBB Block Challenge and Paint Fulton Grants. Thirteen rental properties are participating, six homes will be using the historical colors and several businesses have been granted awards. The FBB scoring committee commends all who applied. The applications were very competitive and complete. Better narratives than in the past, great “before” pictures and maps made it easy to clearly see clustering. Overall, there were more comments about FBB's successes and more neighborhood empowerment! CONGRATULATIONS ALL.”

If any resident is interested in applying for a grant in the future, Eagan suggests they talk with anyone who has a sign displayed in their yard or contact her directly at fultonblockbuilders@gmail.com.