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The Richard S. Shineman Foundation makes it easy for you to apply for a grant online. Please read the step-by-step instructions below before beginning an application.

How to Apply for A Grant

Step 1: See If Your Grant Request Is Eligible

Before you apply please review what we support and our criteria & policies for more information on grant types and grant funding priorities.

*There is a limit of one grant per twelve (12) month period for applying organizations.

Step 2: Contact Us Before Applying

Organizations seeking grants or wishing to explore possible projects must contact us to discuss your organization and grant proposal prior to applying. After the initial discussion, you will receive instructions on how to submit a Letter of Inquiry.

Step 3: Submit a Letter of Inquiry

If the Foundation is interested in seeing a proposal, please note that applicants will gain access to the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via the online grants management system. A Letter of Inquiry (LOI) must be submitted via the Online Grant Application System by the appropriate LOI deadline. Next steps might include an invitation to submit a proposal or follow-up questions. A possible result could be that the Foundation isn't interested in seeing a proposal at this time; the Foundation has limited resources and receives many more requests than we can fund.

Step 4: Submit Your Grant Application

If the proposal meets the stated guidelines and priorities of the Foundation and your LOI is approved, you will receive an email notifying you that a full grant application template has been assigned in the Online Grant Application System. Grant applications must be submitted by the appropriate grant round deadline. Final grant decisions are made by the Board of Directors, typically within 6-7 weeks after the application deadline, at the next scheduled Board meeting. Applicants will be notified following a board meeting whether their application has been approved (and at what funding amount) or denied.

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How We Make Our Final Grant Decisions

Your grant application and funding request are reviewed by the Foundation Director. During this process, our staff may contact you for more information. Final Grant Decisions are made by the Board of Directors, typically within 6-7 weeks after the application deadline, at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

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