How to Apply for a Grant

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation makes it easy for you to apply for a grant online. 

Please read the step-by-step instructions below before beginning an application.

Step 1: See If Your Grant Request Is Eligible

We offer three grant categories: Strategic grants, Mini-grants, and Community Enrichment grants.

Please note that our Strategic Grants, Mini-grants, and Community Enrichment Grants have different processes, application requirements, and deadlines.

You can review what we support and our criteria & policies for more information on grant types and grant funding priorities.

Step 2: Contact Us Before Applying

Organizations seeking grants or wishing to explore possible projects must contact us to discuss your organization and grant proposal prior to applying. After the initial discussion, you will receive an access code for the grant category you are interested in applying for.

Step 3: Submit Your Grant Application

All grant applications must be submitted through our online application system and by the grant round deadline. Final grant decisions are made by the Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified 7-10 business days following a board meeting whether their application has been approved (and at what funding amount) or denied. Visit our grantee login page to create an account and submit an application.

Strategic Grants (Letter of Inquiry required)

After an initial meeting with the Foundation Staff, and your proposal aligns with Foundation priorities, applicants will be provided an access code to the Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

If your LOI is approved, you will receive an email notification indicating a grant application has been assigned.

Please be aware that due to limited resources and a higher volume of requests than is currently feasible, we may not be able to consider your proposal at this time.

Mini-grants and Community Enrichment Grants

Mini-grants and community enrichment grants are accepted four times a year. The Board of Directors reviews these grants in January, May, June, and November. You don't need to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) for these grants. To apply, you'll need an access code. If your proposal fits the Foundation's rules and goals, you can get an access code after an initial meeting with the Foundation Staff.

Planning Your Grant

Tips for writing your application
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How We Make Our Final Grant Decisions

Your grant application and funding request undergo a thorough review led by the Foundation Director. Throughout this evaluation, staff may reach out to you for additional information if needed. The ultimate decisions on grants are made by the Board of Directors, generally finalized within 6 weeks following the application deadline, during the subsequent scheduled Board Meeting. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to ensure a comprehensive and timely assessment of each application.