Media Kit / Publicity Tools

It’s important to get the word out about grants your organization receives from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation. Not only does it let the community know about your organization’s great work, but it can also encourage giving and inform other nonprofits about our foundation’s grantmaking.

Receiving a grant from the Shineman Foundation also lends credibility to your organization and its programs because the grant application process is competitive. Resources are limited and needs are great in our county, so our foundation employs a thorough evaluation process before making grant recommendations each year.

While the Shineman Foundation publicizes and announces the grant awards after each grant round, your organization may want to go into more detail about your funded programs. Members of the news media are interested in hearing directly from the nonprofit because you are the most knowledgeable about your programs and results.

Acknowledging your grant

Be sure to acknowledge the source of your grant in all publicity, exhibits, publications, social media and on your website.

Use the following language to acknowledge your grant:

This grant was made possible by the Richard S. Shineman Foundation.


This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation.

For a description of the Shineman Foundation, use the following:

The mission of the Richard S. Shineman Foundation is to be a Catalyst for Change to enhance the quality of life in Oswego County. The Foundation will use its resources to stimulate economic vitality, to encourage strong bonds that strengthen the community, and to build the capacity of its not-for-profit partners.

Grant recipient publicity suggestions

Include news of your grant in any publications your organization distributes

This includes news releases, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, board minutes, lists of supporters, etc.

Don’t forget your website and social media outlets

These outlets will allow you to link directly to our website.

Contact the local news media

Include community newspapers, special interest publications and local TV and radio stations, with a news release and a personal phone call.

Have us share pictures, videos, or other content

Our foundation may promote your program through news stories in our publications, on our website or via our social media outlets. Pictures are the best way for people to see the work your organization does. Please be sure all people in the photograph or video have signed a release, available here. This is essential for minors.