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Arts and Culture: Grants to nonprofits providing art programs.
Amount Organization Reason
$5,000 Salmon River Fine Arts Center

Awarded a mini grant to continue its Young Artist Experience program, offering after school art sessions throughout the 2022-23 school year.

$10,000 Symphoria

To fund its return to Oswego in July to present a free outdoor community concert on the historic grounds of Ft. Ontario.

Civic Benefit: Grants to nonprofits that foster community participation and engagement.
Amount Organization Reason
$75,000 Fulton Community Basketball

In support of its Fulton Dream Courts project. Located on the Fulton War Memorial campus, this planned outdoor construction project will dramatically expand the amount of programming offered and number of youths served. Awarded $25,000 now and the remaining $50,000 awarded as a 1:1 matching grant, payable when that amount is raised from other sources.

$25,000 Oswego Lacrosse Foundation

Community revitalization grant for replacement of obsolete equipment in time for the new lacrosse season.

$13,900 Oswego Public Library

To hire a consultant to lead it in a strategic community assessment and planning process to help the library's board create a strong strategic framework for the future that best meets the needs of the community.

Education: Grants to schools and organizations with educational programs.
Amount Organization Reason
$5,000 New Haven Elementary School

Community revitalization grant for completion of its planned new playground.

$63,290 United Way of Greater Oswego County

Awarded a grant on behalf of The Literacy Coalition of Oswego County in order to maintain and support the future growth of Imagination Library in the county. The program aims to provide a free, age appropriate book once a month to every child from birth to age 5.

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Health and Human Services: Grants to nonprofits providing social and human services.
Amount Organization Reason
$35,000 Clear Path for Veterans

To support its Peer Support Program expansion in Oswego County.

$50,400 Oswego County Opportunities, Inc

To sustain its critical PATH program (Program to Assist Teenage Homeless) until expected federal funding is received in September.

$10,000 St. Luke Health Services

Funding toward a new replacement bus to transport seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Historic Preservation: Grants to nonprofits seeking to preserve and protect artifacts of historical significance.
Amount Organization Reason
$37,056 Schroeppel Historical Society

Historical preservation grant for renovation of its building in the 108-year old former St. John's Episcopal Church in the village of Phoenix.

$9,500 St. Mary of the Assumption Parish & Shrine

Awarded a 1:1 matching grant, payable at the completion of its $9,500 fundraising campaign for the first phase of its historic preservation plan to replace and preserve its 100-year-old stained glass windows.

Economic/Workforce Development: Economic well-being and quality of life of individuals and the local community are improved according to targeted goals and objectives.
Amount Organization Reason
$125,000 Centerstate CEO

Fulton Block Builders: Awarded a matching grant up to $125,000 payable in May 2022 following completion of fundraising for its very successful Health Neighborhoods revitalization program.

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$125,000 Research Foundation for SUNY

Oswego Renaissance: Awarded a matching grant up to $125,000 payable in May 2022 following completion of fundraising in support of its ninth year of growing the momentum of reinvestment and vibrancy in the city of Oswego's neighborhoods.

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