Oswego County Habitat for Humanity Awarded a Two-Year Grant

A capacity-building grant was given to the revitalized chapter to expand its effectiveness.


The Oswego County Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to improving the stability of families through homeownership and making the community a better more vibrant and supportive place to live. The OCHFH was awarded its second year of funding through the Richard S. Shineman foundation. This funding allowed the OCHFH to hire its first executive director, Sam Raponi, who has provided executive leadership for the organization. With his guidance the organization has been able to complete the total renovation of a house in Oswego, provide support to a partner family and network with other groups and agencies in the community.

The second year of funding will allow OCHFH to focus on making another family a homeowner following the completion of the renovation of a home in Fulton, NY. The focus of the second year of funding will be fund development, obtaining and rehabilitating additional properties as well as supporting families as they are getting ready for home ownership.

OCHFH is so thankful for the generous financial support from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation which has made the mission of The Oswego County Habitat for Humanity a reality for families in Oswego county.

(Pictured from left to right Sam Raponi, Executive Director. Oswego County Habitat for Humanity, Chena Tucker, Director of the Shineman Foundation, Dean Wright and Sabine Ingerson, Members of the Board of Directors of Oswego County Habitat)