Shineman Foundation Awards Fulton Block Builders Matching $125,000 Grant for 2023 Block Challenge Program

Fulton Block Builders: Awarded a matching grant up to $125,000 payable in May 2023 following completion of fundraising in support of the seventh year of its very successful Healthy Neighborhoods revitalization program.


“We did it, Fulton! Once again, you came through to support the Fulton Block Builder (FBB) program,” said Linda Eagan, FBB Director. “FBB has received the full $125,000 matching grant from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation presented at the FBB Kick Off Dinner on June 7th at River Vista.”

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation’s vision is to act as a “catalyst for change” to enhance the quality of life in Oswego County and Shineman’s Foundation Director Chena Tucker shared that the foundation’s board members are very encouraged by the increasing and unprecedented collaborations they see happening among groups like the Fulton Block Builders in our communities. “Fulton Block Builders has continued to exceed expectations for its very successful Healthy Neighborhoods revitalization program and our foundation is proud to continue its support of FBB by awarding another $125,000 for its Block Challenge program,” she said.

“From the moment we started the FBB program, I have been amazed at the support and care there is for the Fulton community,” said Eagan. “Fulton businesses, individuals, service groups and, of course, the Richard S. Shineman Foundation all contributed to make what I believe will be our best year yet. As a result, in 2023, FBB has been able to make 169 awards in 21 Blocks throughout the city. The support for the program is fantastic. Since our start in 2017, The Shineman Foundation has awarded FBB $866,000. WOW!”

FBB awards grants to community participants in three different ways. Block Challenge grants are awarded to groups of neighbors who come together and complete an application as a block. It is important that the neighbors involved be in close proximity to one another, share resources and plan celebratory events. Anyone in the city can organize their neighbors each year. FBB encourages neighbors to start talking to each other now about applying for next year’s Block Challenge Grants.

A second grant option often involves groups that have completed a Block Challenge grant who then go on to apply for a Pride Grant. Pride Grants are used for community improvements and can range from $100 to $3,000. This year, FBB Pride Grants will be used to support the exciting Porchfest being planned for July 9, support work on our local churches, install benches on popular walking routes, and install welcome signs to neighborhoods in the city. Pride grants can be applied for at any time during the year.

The third grant opportunity is Paint Fulton grants; seven have been awarded for 2023. These provide Fulton residents with a selection of historic color schemes to use for painting their homes. Awards are $500 and can be combined with the Block Challenge awards.